You may or may not know this, but every single morning Davis trades the open live for you in our Traders Council chat room. He implements a hyper focus on Options: Buying to open Calls and Puts followed by Selling to Close with the goals of keeping your life simple and profitable in a complex market. We just think it’s easier that way… Wouldn’t you agree?
We know that’s typically what members think, so we say that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” And you may be surprised to know that many new successful Options traders have been minted in The Traders Council after struggling elsewhere.
After all, part of our mission for you is to help you glow and vibrate and frequencies which others find irresistible…
Here’s what we were able to accomplish as a trading family this morning — how was your day?
    9:37 AM mark bos: +42% NOV 12 SPY 276 Puts from 0.50 to 0.71
    9:38 AM duke ash: puts 2.03 from 1.74 +16% Thanks Davis
    9:53 AM romeo mor $720 SPY puts, thanks!
    9:58 AM mark bos: Today, I went with the signals and BAM !! +56% for the day.
    10:18 AM freddie sim: Out Nov 16 Puts .82 to 1.08 +30% Thx Davis
    11:04 AM kevin o: AAPL Puts in 7.15 out 8.85 +23%
    11:08 AM jeffrey har: Out SPY Puts +$512
As you can see, even with markets down over 1% across the board intraday, your day could have been done in a few short minutes!
Imagine making a quick +42% in 7 minutes trading live with a real Options Mentor who has your best interest and taking the rest of the day off.
After that, would you even care what markets did? We sure wouldn’t! Some members even took off and went out to breakfast! Sounds like a great Monday morning to us!
We’re more and more proud of Traders Council members every day. And members love The Traders Council because we make it easy for them, and it’s about time you let us make it easy for you.
Dedicated to your success,
Jeff & Davis