We’ve had many of the same questions regarding how your 2019 could be come up and we’ve taken the time to answer them.

Now we know there’s a ton of demand for this, because people just like you are excited and looking forward to what we have been offering and are offering again in 2019 on a mission to help you!

The most frequently asked questions we’ve received primarily online are answered below. So pay close attention, and let’s make this crystal clear!

Q: I see that after +5355%+ YTD returns in 2018 using $5k to build small accounts at paces which others can’t, Jeff’s starting 2019 with only $2k. Why?

A: Jeff is the best small account accelerator in the business and 2018 can prove that to you. They say a picture tells a thousand words…

Jeff’s confident he can help YOU build your account starting with $2k! Goal is in excess of $100k in 2019 trading small caps, live streaming the easy to follow system for you every day.

Q: Davis is starting a $2k challenge trading Options as well – am I understanding that correctly?

A: Yes, absolutely! Rather than use a larger brokerage account to do so, Davis has created a $2k account similar to Jeff to apply the same principles to building account dynamically trading Options. Goal is also in excess of $100k, live streaming the process as well. It isn’t uncommon for those who trade with Davis to be in green and done in 10-30 minutes.

Q: Why $2k?

A: GREAT question! Before we reset, we took a survey with Traders Council members. We asked if they’d prefer a variety of different starting balances. The single most popular request we received was $2k. Members asked, we delivered… That simple! Alerts will be provided to Traders Council members only.

Q: So how do I follow along with two $2k to $100k challenges with you?

A: Oh my goodness, it’s almost too easy! Every morning about 500 traders are in chat at the open to get into Davis’ trade of interest, which usually executes in the first 10 minutes of trading. Every afternoon, about 500 traders are in chat to follow along with Jeff’s small cap picks at one easy to follow time. The process takes about 30 minutes max and we can help you work around the pattern day trader rule.

Q: I work. Can I do this too?

A: Absolutely you can! That’s why we send alerts and you can access our chat room from your phone or tablet. You’d be surprised… About 70% of members work and are capable of making supplementary income as a result of joining The Traders Council. It’s likely that we’ve implemented Wall Street’s #1 system for working professionals and full time traders alike.

Q: I have a smaller / larger account, what can your small account challenges do for me?

A: That’s a fantastic question! Traders with accounts of $300 or in excess of $250,000 trade our alerts and they typically work well for them. Why? Our alerts are reliable, easy to follow, and scalable to all account sizes! Consider your new bottom line taking one amount of money and increasing it by 5,000% or more; that’s our mission!

Q: When does my chance to build my account rapidly start?

A: January 2nd. We will get straight down to business with all members, on a mission to mass produce new income, and we will not take a step back or reset again for anyone who has yet to join us. Since the first day we decided to reset, we told members we value we’d be starting on January 2nd. If you don’t join The Traders Council at the single best price we’ll ever offer, you risk being left out all together from the beginning. Neither of us want that.

Q: I’m very interested, but when does your best price ever expire?

A: Listen, we’re not keeping the best price we will ever offer open forever at a grandfathered rate. You won’t see a deal any sweeter than this anywhere else and you won’t find 2 Mentors more dedicated to your success anywhere else either. We’re not 100% sure when we’ll be taking the single best price we’ve ever offered off the internet, but if you don’t act now, you’ll miss more and more which each day that passes.

Do you want to miss not one, but two chances of taking your account and increasing it by 5,000%+ with our elite trading system and expert guidance?

We really don’t think so.

We’re extraordinarily confident that our New Income Strategy is right for you.

Based on demand and how excited our members are, we’re sure you know it too!

Access our BEST price ever here.

And expect 2019 to be an incredible year!