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Welcome to The Traders Council. This elite trading and education service is designed to provide new and experienced traders with exceptionally profitable trade ideas, personalized market insights, live trade analysis, and access to an exclusive education program that will take you from a good trader to an elite trader in no time. Founded by some of the world’s best traders, The Traders Council provides the insights, education, and best-in-class trade ideas you need to truly profit like you have never done before.


The Traders Council

The Place Where Good Traders Become Great! Want to know the REAL secret to 3X your trading account this year? Trade what makes you money! Stocks, Options or ETF’s — Whatever is moving that is what you should trade. That’s the secret of The Traders Council, you have unparalleled access to two real money traders with over 32 years combined trading experience in Stocks, Options, and ETF’s. They trade what makes big money — and with their expert guidance you could 2X, 3X, or even 4X your account!


Small Account Challenge

263% gains in just over 3 months from late November to early March. $6,900 to $25,045 and then reset on April 2 at $5,000 and now up over 160% at $13,000+ in just 8 short weeks!

Challenge #1

People said it couldn’t be done. They’ve watched others attempt to build a small account into a full-time day trading status account, but it never worked. They challenged me, I accepted, and I developed a system to help me capture BIG gains QUICKLY! In just over 3 months, I took my small account into a full-time day trading status account; over $25,000.

Challenge #2

They questioned my system, called me lucky and challenged me and I accepted once again. I was confident that my system would not only work once again for me, but for other traders too. Each day I stream the “Process” in our TradersCouncil chat room so other members can learn the “how” and “why” of my decision-making skills. In just 8 short weeks, using the same system as Challenge #1, I‘ve already taken a $5,000 account and turned it into over $16,000 dollars....and counting!


Premium Chat Room

Get premium chat room access where all the most profitable trade ideas are shared, discussed, and executed for you to see. Our hundreds of real money traders and our two mentors are live moderating market movements so you can jump on big trades before anyone else..


Profitable Trade Alerts: Real-Time Delivery

Get real-time email, text, and chat alerts sent directly to you whenever our TWO real money traders have a pick. You’ll never miss another trade! Plus, get our nightly watchlist packed with the biggest potential winners, delivered so you’re ready to make the trades to 3X your account.


Video Education Suite

Unlock the power of education and access to over 150-proven money making strategy videos that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus get our 12-week ‘Traders Council Bootcamp’ that will take you from zero to great in just 12 videos.


One-On-Two Mentoring

Mentors make millionaires and now you can have unprecedented access to two of the some of the most brilliant minds in all of trading. Starting immediately you will gain access to the founders of the Trader’s Council who provide you with the guidance and trades ideas to put you on the path towards becoming a millionaire trader!

Ask The Traders Council about position sizing, how an options strategy works, overnight trading opportunities, clarity on penny stock tips that you hear from a friend, or any other specific trading questions you maybe pondering. The founders of the Traders Council will be with you 100% day-in-and-day-out to ensure you are set up for success.

Bonuses Included

  • Penny Stock DVD Combo Page: valued at $2391

  • Trading Council Newsletter: $999

  • 1 Full year subscription to DailyProfitMachine


Get real-time email, text, and chat alerts sent directly to you whenever our TWO real money traders have a pick. You’ll never miss another trade!
Plus, get our nightly watchlist packed with the biggest potential winners, delivered so you’re ready to make the trades to 3x your account.

Meet The Traders Council

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams is a full-time Day Trader and Founder of PennyPro. He runs the Day Trading Chat Room each morning with live screen sharing, audio & video, along with insightful market commentary. In the afternoons, he works with his students / members of Traders Council. Jeff is primarily a long-biased trader who focuses on profitably trading momentum stocks priced under $10.00.

Davis Martin

Davis Martin is a full-time Day Trader and Swing Trader. At Traders Council, he is a trading mentor who provides options education to members of our exclusive Traders Council program. Over the years, Davis’ trading style has greatly evolved, and now includes easy-to-execute Options Trading strategies for students who want to learn more about how to leverage their capital for maximum returns.


Members Are Saying

I feel like I am on a Super Bowl winning team with the traders at The Traders Council….
I look at a lot of different programs… a lot of different mentors… different gurus… and different trading styles and it just feels really comfortable with Jeff Williams and his team.

– Tom Washington Jr.

Davis and Jeff,

I wanted to take a minute and thank you both for your guidance day in and day out. I am new to trading and have never been a part of a mentorship service before finding The Trading Council. I am a member in a few different services and The Trading Council is where I spend 95% of my time. I love how you both take the time to clearly explain why you get into and out of trades. There are a lot of traders with different experience levels in the room and the experienced traders help beginners as well. There is a great community in the room and it is a great environment for learning.
I feel like I am getting a Master’s Degree in trading and I know I will be able to use these skills for the rest of my life. You’ve taught me to make money in green and red markets which is new to me and it’s fun as well! I can’t thank you enough for all you do!

– Jennie M.

Davis and Jeff are a WEALTH of information that has taken my trading to the next level! Listening to the educated thoughts have changed my thought process and can now see PROFITS! Thanks to the whole team!

– Elizabeth P.

The Traders Council Will Never Be Matched, In Profits or Success Stories!

No where else will you have access to the level of experts that make up The Traders Council. You will receive their most profitable trade ideas in real time directly in your inbox, live in-depth mentoring and access to their exclusive chat room, unlimited access to The Traders Council’s video library comprised of over 150 in-depth videos designed to accelerate your trading knowledge and grow your trading profits, and special access to ‘The Traders Council Bootcamp’ to accelerate your trading skills from good to outstanding. All of this combined will give you the confidence, education, and experience to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.